Mary Shomon
  •  Internationally-Known Hormonal Health Patient Advocate 
  • New York Times Bestselling Author of 14 Books
  • Hormonal Health Coach for Two Decades
  • Exper  tise in Hormonal Health, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Adrenal Health, Weight Loss, Fertility, Pregnancy/Post-Partum health, Hormonal Hair Loss, Peri/Menopause,
    & Autoimmune Disease

​If you Google the term thyroid, you won’t have to go past the first page before you see Mary Shomon’s name. Same with an book topic search. Thyroid and Mary Shomon are nearly synonymous in the English-speaking world, as Mary Shomon is known in the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, and around the world as one of America’s leading hormonal health patient advocates, a New York Times bestselling author, and one of the top hormonal health activists globally.


Mary was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism in 1995, and transformed her own struggle to gain control over her health and understand her condition into an advocacy and educational mission that now makes her a leading voice on hormonal health issues.

As is common for many autoimmune disease patients, Mary was diagnosed in 2016 with another autoimmune condition: Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA), also sometimes called Type 1.5 diabetes. She has expanded her research, knowledge base, and advocacy to help other patients manage this disease and feel and live well. 

Since 2017, Mary has served as a Patient Expert for top-rated consumer health site,, where she writes on diabetes, thyroid disease, and hormonal health. Hundreds of her articles can be viewed at

Mary Shomon has been a regular online presence for hormonal health information and awareness since 1995, and launched one of the original health sites at The Mining Co., which would later be purchased by the New York Times and renamed, and is now Verywell is part of the brand, which are part of the IAC network of websites, including,,, OKcupid, Urbanspoon, the Daily Beast, and others. For almost two decades, Mary was the site's  researcher/writer and Thyoid Expert, and since that time, Mary has reached millions of people a year who are hungry for patient-oriented hormonal health and thyroid information.



When it comes to hormonal health, Mary Shomon is a key force on Facebook with, more than 200,000 in her Facebook communities, and an active Twitter following.




Mary is regularly featured as part of online webinars, seminars, and training programs. She has served on the faculty of the New York Open Center, New York City’s premiere   holistic health training center, offering workshops on hormonal health, diet, immune health, and stress management. Mary has been featured on dozens of webinars and online seminars, focusing on topics including fertility, nutrition, weight loss, autoimmunity, thyroid disease, diabetes, and other health issues:




Mary Shomon has done more than 50 television appearances and interviews regarding hormonal health issues – including ABC

World News Tonight, among others.


August of 2011 was the launch of a special 1-hour PBS television program, titled Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness. The program features exercise physiologist Teresa Tapp, and Mary Shomon, explaining the role of movement in hormone balance, and how thyroid and hormones affect metabolism, energy and focus. The program was a ratings and fundraising success for PBS, and ran for several years with more than 4,000 airings on PBS affiliates around the country. A second successful PBS program, Fit for Life, was released in spring of 2016.




Mary is a consulting producer – and is a featured interview subject — for award-winning filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West's Guggenheim-funded documentary, “Sick2Death” – about undiagnosed hypothyroidism, the difficulties of diagnosis, and limitations of treatments.




Mary has participated in dozens of radio media tours, and has done 300+ radio interviews regarding health and wellness. In 2013, Mary was host of her own weekly radio show: “Your Health Workshop,” featuring a number of guests, including authors, physicians, and health experts.




Mary Shomon has appeared in hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles, including Time, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, First for Women, Elle, The Wall Street Journal, and hundreds of other outlets.




Mary’s desire to cut through medical jargon and deliver information to her fellow patients in a form they can understand resulted in her first health-related book, Living Well With Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You . . . That You Need to Know, which was first published in 2000 by HarperCollins, and has been a best-seller, going to more than 20 printings before a 2nd Revised Edition was published in 2005.


The book was a Prevention Book Club Selection, and Amazon Top-Selling health book, and its popularity launched a new “Living Well With…” series of consumer health books for publisher HarperCollins.


Mary is author of the New York Times best-selling book The Thyroid Diet: Manage Your Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss. (2004) “Thyroid Diet” was also a semi-finalist for the prestigious Quills Awards in 2005, and an Top 10 Health Book of 2004. A revised, expanded edition of the bestseller, Thyroid Diet Revolution, was published in 2012.


Mary is also author of a number of many other books, including The Hair Loss Master Plan (co-authored with Brent Hardgrave), Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease (co-authored with Dana Trentini), Beautiful Inside and Out (2013) (co-authored with former Baywatch cast member Gena Nolin), Menopause Thyroid Solution (2009), Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough, (2006) Living Well With Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism (2005), Living Well With Autoimmune Disease (2003), Living Well With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia (2004).



Mary Shomon’s ability to communicate important health-related information reflects 30+ years of experience designing social marketing, grassroots outreach, consumer marketing and public information campaigns while working in the social outreach, advertising and public relations industry — designing campaigns for clients as diverse as furniture retailer IKEA, the World Bank, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Mary has a degree from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., and was one of the first patient members of the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare, a professional society dedicated to research and education in patient-doctor communications. Mary is the mother of two – college student Julia and middle-schooler Danny.